Harpers of the Opera - Weekend Workshop & Concert Ticket Purchase

Workshop & Concert Tickets: $149.00
General Concert Tickets
NOTE: If purchasing Family tickets please provide the number of persons attending in the note to seller as you check out. ** If you wish to perform in Concert on Sunday, please provide details of music played at checkout. This will be printed in the program.

Venue: Prince of Wales Opera House, Mayne street Gulgong.

Friday 18th June

4pm                  Registration opens

6pm - 7pm        Welcome & supper

Saturday 19th June

9:00 am        Hugh Jones - Exhibiting harps along with his worlds 1st prototype pedal  harp &     discussion.
                   Meriel Owen - Harp Centre Australia will exhibit for sales: Music, strings, accessories and  any information about the centre. Open to public.
 - Workshop attendants given some free time to tour town.

10:00 - 11:30 am         JAM SESSION  no: 1 - Indoor / outdoor,( weather permitting ). Includes 15 min break for morning tea.

10:30 am            morning tea

11.30 am            workshop : -

1.00 pm              lunch

2.00 pm              workshop : -

3.00 pm              afternoon tea

3.30 pm              workshop : -

5.30pm               FREE TIME /  JAM SESSION   no: 2

7.30pm               Preparing & setting up before concert

8.00pm                MC opens concert

9.00pm                Intermission - CD sales

10.00pm               closure of concert

Sunday  20th June

9.00am                    workshop :-

10.00am                   morning tea

10.30am                   workshop continues

 Midday                    lunch - allowing 30 minutes only

12.30 pm                 Finalising music played for concert

12.45 pm                 Setting up for concert

1.00pm                   MC opens concert

3.00pm                   MC closes  concert.
                               Opera House closes with weekends' event.

workshop material to be added remains under construction.

Times given above are subject to change.