Harpers of the Opera - Weekend Workshop & Concert Ticket Purchase

Workshop & Concert Tickets: $149.00
General Concert Tickets
NOTE: If purchasing Family tickets please provide the number of persons attending in the note to seller as you check out. ** If you wish to perform in Concert on Sunday, please provide details of music played at checkout. This will be printed in the program.

Cliona Molins Workshop Includes :  Learn a simple Irish tune
                                                            Play in an Ensemble
                                                            Irish technique - ornamentation
                                                            Making a harp accompaniment for your song
                                                            Improvising on the harp.

Gwenda Davies Workshop Includes :
      Tryout / beginning technique for would be beginners & beginners.
      Playing variations on Pachelbel Canon(C) in ensemble, ranging from beginners to intermediate.
      Playing Heart & Soul in ensemble, ranging from beginners to intermediate.
      Playing 12 bar blues in ensemble, ranging from beginners to intermediate

Jayne Hockley Workshop Includes : Similar to last workshop at Karuna in Blue Mountains but, further plans for more advanced worksheets x 2. Basic / Revision - Advanced  OR maybe a masterclass of 15mins each for the brave ones.

Jan Couchman & Shannon Bacall Workshop Includes :
      Warm ups with harp and vocals.
       Introducing sing a long tunes with harp accompaniment  recorded on CD.
       Sing and play along with your harp to the recorded CD.
 For those who are interested there will be a low price fee to cover Jan & Shannons' costs.

**Further updates are yet to be added.