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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Jan Couchman

Jan is both a harp teacher and a solo/ensemble performer in and around Sydney. Having brought the Fellowship of the Strings together for many years, Jan has now created the Seltic Sirens , based on the unique blend of traditional and contemporary.
Jan also has considerable experience teaching dance and theatre at tertiary level and has studied dance, music, social ecology and psychotherapy.
With a masters degree from UWS, she has attended and taught at London University, Macquarie Uni and Sydney College of the Arts.
Drawing on her extensive background in Australian traditional music and many other genres, Jan's rhythmic harp accompaniments give a rare contemporary edge to the music.
Her delicate playing and Celtic instrumental solos bring a special beauty to the unique Sirens sound.


Robert Tompkins said...

Jan, This is Rob Tompkins. I would like to converse with you via email. You can reach me via my website, www.telenn-ar-menez.com or www.mountainharp.com. Please contact me so we can catch up on all you and I have been doing since 2006.

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